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About Craig

Background and Training

Craig completed the Hands On Healing and ordination program in the fall of 2000, under the training of Reverend Ron Moore at the center for wholeness in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Craig traveled to Peru for many years studying the traditional healing practices of the indigenous people under the guidance of Master shaman, Don Theo Parades. He studied the advanced shamanic practices of sacred plants,    and their use of managing energy. He is now called upon to help Don Theo Parades with ceremonies when needed. 


Now, a shaman in his own right Craig works in Minneapolis helping heal, guide and learn from the community around him.  

Personalized Approach

Craig uses all his Shamanic training and hands-on healing techniques to create a personalized healing experience. 


Whether helping clients healing from surgeries, chemotherapy, past or present trauma or suffering from chronic pain, Craig will tailor his healing to help each individual.  

Guest Speaking and Events

Craig has given talks for groups through The Center of Echo Bodine, Kathyrn Hartwig's Light Collective Group, and Wind Over Fire Healing Arts Center. 


He has had the privilege to help in many ceremonies held across the country. As well as, assist visiting shamans and medicine women from South America. 

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