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In this 90-minute session, clients will lay on a massage table and experience full body relaxation. Craig will work on your body using energy coming from his hands.  The client will lay on the table fully clothed and relax into a healing for not only the body but the mind and the spirit.  The energy that comes through his hands goes into the client's body going to help muscles, tissues, cells and the energy in the client.  Shifting energy, helping the body heal itself and allowing for the mind, body, and soul to connect on a deeper level. Most clients feel positive results after just one session. 

Cost: $85.00

Hands on Healing Sessions
Energetic Vision Quest 

This three session, One on One shamanic ceremony is designed to enable the participant to go deep within to find answers to important life questions.

Each ceremony is designed to help heal you and give you the ability to go into the innermost part of yourself where all your visions originate.


Entering into this process with a sense of intent and focus will allow you to open so that you can work at a deep soul level. The answers will come from inside of you.  Together we will create consciousness or help a shift to take place.


The ceremonies are approximately 2 hours in length.  all three ceremonies need to occur within a period of five days.


To prepare for your vision quest,  it is recommended that you refrain from eating meat, heavy,  spicy and greasy foods, three days prior to and during the ceremonies.  This will enhance and deepen your experience. You will also be given simple exercises after first two ceremonies to help deepen your experience.


First Ceremony: Clearing and Purify

This first ceremony is dedicated to cleansing and purifying. In the first session, you will focus on purification of your mind, body and energetic bodies. Through the use of fire, sound, healing touch, breath work, guided meditation and visualization you will open up yourself to the universe for cleansing. In addition, there will be daily exercises that are designed to deepen and enhance the next step of your journey.  

Second Ceremony: Healing

The second session is a healing ceremony designed for the Mind, physical, and energetic bodies.


The ceremony starts with a cleansing of the body through the use of fire and sound. The healing is done through Healing Touch, guided meditation, and visualization. These tools will be used to assist us in the healing process. The first two ceremonies will help to heal you and give you the ability to go into the innermost part of yourself where all your visions originate.


Final Ceremony: Vision

This final ceremony is dedicated to the empowerment of vision. It builds upon the elements of the previous ceremonies and takes you to the deeper level in your Vision Quest.


The ceremony powers a shift in consciousness and a potential for realization of answers to life questions whether they be about life purpose, direction or clarity.

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